I spend my whole life dreaming of you

I'm not perfect, as some think, but answer me one thing, love is a sin? I'm sure is not because it is a sin, otherwise everyone would have made ​​this big mistake, even if those people do not admit they have sinned, but sinned, because yes, we all have feelings, even the worst people in this world, even, is possible, you make the same mistake again, have you ever met someone with deeper feelings than her, not even realizing, I'm sure of it, because you, me, most of this world, love your family, your friends, all who are around you, even those who hurt us, enjoy the things you own, and also their memories, and especially the time you are spending now, because in the future you may regret not having given attention to the time spent in her teens, in their childhood or even during your entire life!

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